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POP or Plaster of Paris Molds

Here is where the fun begins, making your own molds. This is an excellent way to make one or two piece molds to create new baits or duplicate baits for your own use. You will need a few items to get started. First is a good plastic measuring cup. I prefer to use the ones from the discount stores. You have to be a little careful with them but they work great and I find having several makes life easier. You want one to measure the plaster and one to measure the water. You will also want some stir sticks – I prefer to use extra wide popsicle type sticks. I find it is easier to use something I can throw away when I’m done and these are very inexpensive. I do not reuse these; I use each end one time to prevent old material from falling into new material when I’m stirring. I also use cheap plastic storage dishes from the discount type stores. They are easier to release then better quality dishes and they work just fine. Some people make plastic or cardboard boxes to save material but I don’t. I find it’s much easier to use a premade bowl. I do try to get at least 2 baits per mold, you can get up to 4 depending on the appendages on the bait. I look at this process differently. If I can get one quality mold out of a bag of POP then I have made a useful mold for 15.00 that is an excellent price for a mold. You first bag of POP might not yield a useable mold, if you start off with something simple like a Senko type mold or worms you can easily get a useable mold from your first bag. Be prepared to make several molds of the same type because you will still end up doing a lot of experimenting. You will also need a sealing agent. I would use Lundmark Super Gloss Premium Acrylic floor wax. Use a decent craft brush to paint the mold the brush cleans up easily with some handsoap and water. If you just cant wait for your lundmark to arrive you can use elmers glue and water mixed 50/50 but the lundmar is far superior.

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